Botswana: Day 3 – Okavango Delta

On the morning of Saturday 9 June we went to the Maun Airport to take a trip over the delta in a light aircraft.

Les sat up front with our pilot, James, who came from the UK.

We flew over a small portion of the Okavango.

It is an amazing mixture of land and water.

We were lucky enough to see four of the twelve rhinos that have been released into this area.  All the original rhinos were killed by poachers.

We flew over the Okavango for an hour and in that time saw only a small percentage of this huge inland swamp.

We left Maun and travelled along the western side of the Delta towards Sepupa.  We stopped alongside the road and Vermaak rustled up lunch.

We stopped at one of the many veterinary check points.  While waiting to disinfect our shoes and tyres we photographed these people in their donkey cart.

We stopped near Sepupa and left our cars at Swamp Stop with an armed guard.  Interestingly, our Garmin said ‘not recommended’ which usually means it is not very safe to stop.  We then boarded small aluminium boats and began the ride to our houseboat inside the Okavango Delta.  This photo taken by Marion shows the speed at which we travelled.

During the ride of nearly one and a half hours, we stopped a few times to photograph some of the many fish eagles.  The ride took so long as we were travelling in a northerly direction, against the flow of the water.

We were very grateful to see our houseboat, Madikubu, which means the ‘biggest hippo’ and even more grateful to see that Douwe, Vermaak and Bjorn were there with our luggage.  This was to be our home for the next two days.

This lovely photo taken by Marion, shows the calm and quiet evening while we were moored in the panhandle of the delta.  A cold front had moved over Botswana and the temperature dropped very quickly after sunset. We then enjoyed drinks with the rest of our group and had a lovely meal produced by Vermaak.  We were looking forward to the next day when we were going to explore the Okavango in mokoros.