Mexican Beans

I was watching BBC Food one miserable weekend and saw this delightful programme about an Italian chef in Mexico trying out Mexican recipes.  I thought this seemed easy and an alternative to meat.

Buy a packet of sugar beans (I guess 500 g) and soak them overnight to soften.  Then boil them until soft.  Drain off the water.

Add ½ cup beer while the beans are on the hot stove and leave there until the beer is absorbed or evaporates.

Add some chopped jalapeños and chopped skinned tomatoes (tinned are probably easier).

Add a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Now fry some bacon pieces until all the fat is rendered out.  Add the crispy bits of bacon to the beans.

Use the remaining bacon fat to fry some onions and garlic.

Add above to the beans with 2 tsps sugar.  It is now ready to be eaten with tortillas.


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