Namibia – Fish River Canyon

In September 2010 we spent a month travelling from the south to the north of Namibia and got as far as Etosha.   We travelled from Durban to Upington via Bloemfontein.  We stayed over in Upington and then entered Namibia at Noordoewer border post.  We were on our way to the Fish River Canyon.

With a population of just over two million people, the Republic of Namibia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world.

You travel for hundreds of kilometres without seeing any sign of human occupation.

We stayed at Canon Lodge, part of the Gondwana Collection  which offers 40% discount to South Africans and is excellent value for money.

We travelled north to Hobas to get a good view of the Canyon.

The Fish River Canyon is largest canyon in Africa.  It is 550 m deep and in some places is 27 km wide.  The Fish River is 650 km long and is the longest river in Namibia.  In winter it is a small river, often not flowing at all, however in summer it can become a raging torrent and be very dangerous.

You can hike the canyon if (like Daryl) you are brave and fit enough.  However, don’t attempt this on your own.  It needs to be done with a group and after careful preparation!  You will need permission from the Namibia Wildlife Resorts.

The Canon Roadhouse is a welcome oasis in the desert while travelling to the northern reaches of the Fish River Canyon.  Stop in for a cold drink and a meal, but also enjoy the many classic vehicles on desplay.

Gondwana have hotels at all the main attractions in Namibia, so if you do not know the country, you could plan a wonderful holiday simply be choosing to stay a few days at each of their hotels. Each hotel is designed to fit into the landscape and everyone is different.  For more information visit  If you are a South African citizens you will be eligible for up to 40% discount.

Stop at the Canon Roadhouse for a cold drink and lunch
Inside you sit amongst all types of classic cars in pristine condition

Some of the vehcles are not in a good state of repair.

Some are just plain wrecks!

The real gems are inside.  The restaurant tables are set amongst the restored cars and trucks.

This old VW truck looks as good as new.

We were told that this one is in mint running condition.

After we left Canon Roadhouse we can upon this old truck which seemed like a relic from the war.  It was full of bullet holes.

We travelled to the southern end of the Canyon and visited Ais Ais.

We left Ais Ais and travelled back to Canon Lodge where we were going to spend our first night in Namibia.

This rock formation is on the way to Canon Lodge.

The turnoff to Canon Lodge was level and in good repair.  The road in Namibia are mainly dirt, but are well maintained and in excellent condition with no potholes.

There are horses if you wish to explore on horse back.

While exploring this area we stayed at the Gondwana hotel near the Fish River Canyon and thoroughly enjoyed our stay.  The original owners bought the property to farm, but when they realised it was not suitable for raising cattle, they turned it into a hotel.

Our very comfortable room was tucked away among the giant rock formations.  The old farmhouse has been turned into the dining area and reception.


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